About us

Gostaresh Narm Afzar-e Dana Mehvar-e Caspian is a limited company based in Qazvin Azad University's incubator and software accelerator.

We have started our work in summer of 2014 based on an idea which discussed in a brainstorming session. At the time dozen of people gathered from Mechatronics Research Laboratory research groups in order to form a business body focusing on software products. We splitted into smaller groups focusing on number of nominated ideas from the session. The whole organization named SRC analogous to the software source directory (`/src`) existing almost on every software project.

Later each of the groups transformed into startup teams focusing on their own goals and plans. At the same time SRC organization became a software accelerator with structures appropriate for acceleration of startup teams.

Our idea was an indoor positioning and navigation mobile application. We named our startup Indooria on Jan 2015. Our company established based on this idea later on Jun 2016. The company’s goal is to produce software systems for enterprise and industrial customers. Currently we aim that goal by providing location based, and navigational services.